Missouri State Investigators Association


MSIA is proud to have as its members, Investigative Professionals from various State, Federal and local agencies throughout Missouri




Welcome to the Missouri State Investigators Association web-site. The Association is made up of professional Investigators in Law Enforcement, State Regulatory Investigators and Private Investigators. We are professionals dedicated to sharing information to better serve the public.

Members may download a copy of the MSIA By-Laws that were approved by the Membership during the 2015 Conference here

As we close another successful conference, let me say thank you to everyone for your attendance, hard work and efforts to help spread the word about the Missouri State Investigators Association.

The financial stability of the Association has never been better thanks to our former and current Executive Board Members..

As we look forward to the 2018 Conference, with new training and an even more important new hotel, Old Kinderhook, we look more importantly to bringing a more stable home for all our members in the years to come with Old Kinderhook.

As always, if you have any training ideas for the next Conference, please reach out to any of the Board Members or myself while we start planning for next year.

Best wishes,

Larry Fish
President, Missouri State Investigators Association




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Tuesday May 22nd: 1500-1700 Hrs.
Thursday May 24TH: 1500-1700 Hrs.

( 2 Hours POST – Skill Dev. Firearms)

Preregister by sending an email to: 8105matt@gmail.com
(Provide name, Agency, Contact #)

Attendees will be required to bring the following:
250 rounds of ammo
Duty handgun with 3 magazines
Duty belt w/ Holster & mag pouches
Eye & hearing protection
Wear of ballistic vest is MANDATORY