Missouri State Investigators Association


MSIA is proud to have as its members, Investigative Professionals from various State, Federal and local agencies throughout Missouri




Welcome to the Missouri State Investigators Association web-site. The Association is made up of professional Investigators in Law Enforcement, State Regulatory Investigators and Private Investigators. We are professionals dedicated to sharing information to better serve the public.

As we just put another conference in the books, let me say Thank you to our membership for making yet the most successful conference of attendance for many of years. The Executive Committee has done wonders with the Association and continues to improve every year.

We did receive feedback for you on hotel arrangements and the banquet dinner, which the Executive Committee already started making changes for 2019 conference with the feedback we received. You should see the availability of more rooms for next year and an upgrade on the banquet dinner. That is how responsive the Committee is to you the Membership.

If you were in attendance this year, you most certainly can agree with me that the current venue is the best we’ve ever had in many of years and offers a lot of activities for you to enjoy while attending the conference. I want to thank the Old Kinderhook staff for their excellent job of helping us deal with the unanticipated large turnout and fine service they provided to us during the conference.

I will advise members that if you plan to attend next year’s conference and know a neighboring agency will be attending, you might try to partner together to get a house cottage and save the hotel rooms for single agency members. The cottages should be at the same daily rate as the hotel rooms and helps bring in more members from the over-flow hotel.

At the 2019 conference, you will see a change in presenters and a little more hands on approach to learning being offered, as we do this, I want to be careful on not outdoing ourselves for future conferences, but want to keep the membership happy, and walking away that you truly got your monies worth. You will see an increase in conference scholarships offered, more vendors and door prizes.

Finally, I want to personally thank everyone for your voted trust you have placed in the Executive Committee and myself in leading the MSIA. You should truly be proud of the teamwork of everyone including you the Membership on making it the better every single year.

If you have suggestions or concerns, please reach out to me.

Be safe and God Bless,

Larry Fish
President, Missouri State Investigators Association